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Week 2 Summary

Day 1.  Lectured on CBS303 in the afternoon, after attending seminars on SUMO programming. Had a more attentive audience this time. Will try harder on better content delivery.

Days 2-3. No teaching engagements for the week. Didn’t go back to campus. Reading Partee’s reflections for Thursday’s lectures. Found it highly interesting for its anecdotes, most of which had been removed when I read its formally issued version in 2003.

Day 4. Office hour for students in the afternoon. Another intensive night on linguistic theories. I thought the introduction of event as a novel ontology entailed the transcendence of first-ordern logic, but I was also rightly reminded that the logical forms did not go beyond first-order. That should also remind us of the position taken by Quine and Davidson in the East Coast, with the latter as the promotor of the concept of event. Event remindes me of some meetings in the past, which I will come back to later.

Day 5. Took the bus to PolyU in order to sleep on the bus, which lasted for a good 90 minutes. If I had taken the tubes, it would have lasted for half as long but with too many walkings before and after. Arrived at campus just to catch the lunch. Saw many more students in the afternoon, till almost 6pm. Then cut a bee-line for the shuttle bus for HKCC Hung Hom Bay Campus. Took a quick supper there in the small but quiet canteen. Then went for the lectures. Thought it went on well: with just two weeks, I have covered reference, denotation, truth, truth conditions, proposition, sense, set-theoretic representations of denotation of N, A, and V, plus rigid designation.  That was quite something for the uninitiated, I guess. Talked to some more people on the way to the train station. Went in while talking but could not find a place to sit down. Anyway, it was a long day for sure.

Day 6 – 7. Reading the Ontology textbook. Don’t know if I can get to the end. Another book to start with is TCP. Ashamed to think of how many books of Recanati I had bought without reading. TCP is daring and interesting.  See if it can has anything to say about list gems.


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Mon. : Writing up notes for the past two days, including this morning. Then attending the Ontology subject. Lots of new ideas. Will need to go with a PC next time. Had to leave 45 minutes earlier for my own lectures. Will need to learn more programming. Don’t know if I will be able to keep up with the pace. Then to the CBS303 lectures. Sold out all the textbooks by Lobner. Regretted not having ordered more. Ordered enough for CBS500 but may not be able to sell all. Which is better? Tried to talk up at the lecture theatre because the microphone was not functioning. Plus some students couldn’t help chatting among themselves. That is always the problem with undergraduates at large classrooms. Students should learn to be self-disciplined. Please don’t talk among yourselves while I am talking. Exhausted as a result. Didn’t know if I could survive the remaining days of the week.

Tue. : Could have been a day off because the seminars had not started, but had to go to PolyU to attend a prep meeting for the validation of Msc. therapy. Still hadn’t recovered from the Monday exhaustion but had to write notes for CBS500. Felt sleepy during the meeting and had nothing to do there. Left earlier.

Wed. : a day off, started with taking the heavy trumbo all the way to F’s school; preparing the DALS lecture notes for Thurs. by reading more of Neil Smith’s Chomsky: Ideas and Ideals. I do respect the generative paradigm a lot, but are sometimes put off by the attitudes of some of the staunch followers who acted as if only they had the whole truth. One repeated said during a lecture "Chomsky hasn’t heard about it. Chomsky doesn’t know about it. I am going to tell Chomsky about it." When each of the above sentences got uttered more than a dozen times, they became pause fillers. Pathetic!

Thurs. :saw the acquisition of Betty Birner’s new book Intro. Pragmatics by the PolyU Library in e-form. Experimented with the on-line reading. Then to PolyU. Discussed Y-3 undergraduates on final year project. Had a great night with research students teaching DALS 6050 Linguistic Theories. Wished I had prepared more on the Generative Paradigm. Walked with some nice participants on the campus. Two accidents. 1. Forgot to take the right U-disk, but got it during the break. 2. Forgot to take my mobile phone after the class, but got it back at the securities. Lucky. Got home but could not go to sleep. In fact, woke up only after 2 hours’ sleep. Thought it was because of the strong milk tea for supper. Thinking over the good moments of exchanges that evening in class. It was relaxing and fun, while everyone was serious and inquisitive.

Fri.: took the trumbo again for F’s to school. Then made a dash for PolyU to attend a confirmation viva. Got excited by the topic and talked a lot with the participants. Again it was relaxing and enjoyable, with serious contributions.

Administration wise, if things could go wrong, they would. Had to deal with appeals and potential appeals from …  And the afternoon was spent on Speech Therapy validation. Had to eat during the meeting to catch up with time so that I could go to my even lectures without a supper. Took the shuttle to HHB lecture theatre. Impressed by the classroom, which seemed to worth the travel. Gave a 3-hour lecture. Hope students could catch up with reading. May use the lecture notes as the main reading rather than the textbook. Did not finish the notes but got to the middle.

Lots of papers are approaching the deadlines. 6 of them. Need to work over them during the weekend.

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Jiang Yan (ed.) 2011

Approaching Formal Pragmatics


序 Preface

前言 Introduction

第一章 语用学理论与语用推理的逻辑 Pragmatic Theory and the Logic of
Pragmatic Inference  

第二章 论名词组的语义内容 On the Semantic Content of Noun

第三章 言语行为的形式化探索 Speech Act Formalization

第四章 对当方阵一般模式及其应用 The General
Pattern of Squares of Opposition and its Applications

第五章 单调性与梯级推理 Monotonicity and Scalar Reasoning

第六章 疑问量词的形式表达与推理模式 Formal Representation and Inferential Patterns of
Interrogative Quantifiers

第七章 一种基于皮尔士存在图的静态语义学:驴子句问题

A Static Semantics Based on Existential Graphs: Application to Donkey Anaphora

第八章 情景论与条件句的理解 Situation Theory and the Interpretation of Conditionals

第九章 汉语违实语义的构成因素 The Ingredients of Chinese Counterfactuality  

第十章 概念、类、物和状态  Concepts, Kinds, Objects and Stages

第十一章 “都”的形式语用学 The Formal Pragmatics of dou

第十二章 贝叶斯概率模型及其在语用学上的应用 Bayesian Probabilistic Model and its
Applications in Pragmatics

第十三章 信号博弈与语用问题 Signal Games and Pragmatic Studies       

第十四章 自然语言理解的知识库建设与语言研究 Knowledge Base Construction for Natural Language Understanding and its Implications for Linguistic Studies

后记 Postface

Purchase information (Dangdang Bookshop)

Purchase information 2 (Amazon China Bookshop)

Purchase Information 3 (Beijing East Bookshop)

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Dissertations: not one but four to deal with, one external and three internal, and may be more. Well, glad to see them coming out well. That means what? By the year end, all will have submitted. by the end of next March or April, all will have passed their vivas. I will be left to work on my own broodings.

Summer subject: another fight. It started with  ambitions, but is very likely to end up flat. Well, reading Culler gave me a lot of inspirations. Too good to believe, in fact. Now I know what to talk about in the conference at 2013.

Others, still fighting to finish. May still be able to catch up. Grammar and projects. Must say no next time.

What else? More on conditionals.

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