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Monday was on SUMO: auditing a report on granularity and mereology. Had to leave early as usual, to lecture at 4:30, this time on Grice. Tuesday was the hardest. Meeting first, then attending 3 hours of workshops, one on mobile learning; the other on iPad. Managed to give a seminar in between. Got to know more about the use of iPad. The tricky points being that it didn’t come with a manual, yet had so many soft gadgets hidden. iPad lost its sounds over the weekend. Couldn’t figure it out. Checked the internet and found many similar problems. Tried every means, of no avail. In the end, the trick was found. Now it is working all right. In between, found iPad 4 was already launched. So quick. Lectured on relevance theory part II on Friday.Thursday evening was on computational linguistics. Good discussions. Got probably too emotional at some points. Weekends were spent on chores, replacing the light bulbs for example, and toying with the iPad stylus, and repairing the dumb iPad, of course. And, amused by the blog posts of someone who is trying to prove by H-index that he is the best. Another disheartening matter is to see cyl cutting a story figure of himself. When will he step down? Soon, I hope. Next Sem, will have to teach on Fri. even and Sat morn. Don’t know how I will cope with them. It is already getting unusual this sem, having usually to teach in late afternoons and evenings. Would prefer staying away from the campus all the time. Why not.


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Week 10 Summary

Week 10 Summary

A routine week with lectures on SUMO (Mon) and discourse particles (Thur.) as auditor, and on deixis (Mon) and Grice (Fri.) as lecturer. Getting some assigned works out of the way. Reading more on scalar implicatures. Explaining more on how to do the assignments for 303 and 500. If I asked people to summarize on a chapter topic, I thought I had given enough guidelines. The rest would be individual research work. It is not a matter of being nice or not. It is my unwillingness to baby-sit students, lest they do not work on their own. There is always the readings to consult.

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week 8 summary

Time files.

Mon. Spent the afternoon on learning SUMO. Good hands-on experience. Seemed to be back to unix coding times. Look forward to the meeting next week, on representing English. Then to CBS303. Got on well with quantification.
Tues. Two seminars in the afternoon. Finished presupposition draft.
Wed. Stayed in.
Thur. DALS evening on the pragmatics of humour. Good presentation by the speaker, made others see the state of the art.
Fri. Picked up M back from her camping in Saigon. Then to PolyU and started talking about pragmatics.
Started reading Gs. Appreciating his direct argumentation but sensed he missed quite some subtleties. Engrossed with the new idea of starting something more creative. Spent time tracing it.
Learnt about arrangements for 2 summer institutes next year. Both in Beijing.

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Week 7 summary

Another busy week, not yet over. But managed to coerce some time off to write this summary.

Monday: There and back again — this time from Shanghai. Arrived at 10, had trouble finding the musical instrument. Took the airport trains, real fast, to Kowloon. Then took the shuttle bus to Jordan. Should have got off at Hung Hom. Made it to SUMO class, and then to my own CBS303. Talked on predicate calculus. Then took all the luggage back. Big off-work crowd on trains.
Tuesday: Taught two seminars. Hard-going, as the travel-jet started to seep in.
Wed: Stayed in all day. Attended a 3 way conference at RCHK. Then to plaza in search of tools and stuff for bicycle bell. Dealt with all the presupposition data. Thought about re-arranging the content for CBS500.
Thursday: Took F’s project to RCHK. Then worked out the lecture notes for CBS500. Then to Poly, AP and XJ helped me install server, Tomcat, and other SUMO kits. Was tough-going for me. Took 3 hours for XJ to do it. Really owed them a big thank-you. another seminar. Then back at work on even. lectures. Had another stimulating evening discussions.
Friday: Took trumbo to RCHK. Heavy stuff. Then fiddled with the bicycle bell again. Afternoon, took the trumbo back. Then off to HHB campus. Evening class was on arkionsarten. Good teaching experience.
Sat: Worked more on presupposition paper. Tough-going. Evening with HCS for a farewell dinner. Must all learn to work by ourselves, in isolation, we agreed. Tried iMovie and thought I could record 2 make-up lectures for CBS500 later, when I get two papers out of the way.
Will work out more words for presupposition paper on Sunday.
7 weeks means half of the semester is over. How time flies. No time to stand and stare.
Hate to be bothered by door-knockers without appointments (excluding students of course),and really disappointed if meetings are always arranged 10 min prior to…

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Week 6 Summary

Monday: Dashed back from Guangzhou and attended SUMO class without doing the exercises, vowed to catch up. Started talking about logic and lg. at CBS 303. Read the textbook first. Did not like the 4th chapter of Lobner. Must change the textbook again next year.

Tues: Holiday again.Trying to recover from the Guangzhou hectics.

Wed.: Stayed in

Thur.: DALS presentation by student on Grice. Had an enjoyable even.

Fri.: talked about lambda-calculus.

All the week thinking about the presupposition paper and did corpus searches. Saved about 700 pages of data.

Sat.: Off to Shanghai and arrived at noon. What a busy city!

Sun: To Edu Expo. Not too busy, suited me better. Looked around the Huating Hotel. Lots of changes since my high school years there. Evening was spent in the airport hotel in order to catch the morning plane.

Mon: arrived in HK to catch the afternoon classes. Haven’t done SUMO exercises yet.

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Another hectic week.

Good seminars for CBS303, when I started on requirements for the first essay. Friday evening was on type theory. Thought it was tense but important. Weekends were spent in Guangzhou promoting for our MA programmes. It was tough-going talking to a lot of eager parents, who never cared to browse the web and wanted to ask about everything. Guangzhou was so different, from Hong Kong, and from Shanghai and Beijing. That was always my impression each time I went there. Details can’t be related here.
Spared intervals were spent on reading about Chinese presuppositions. The existing literature really needs some good trimming. What else? Can’t remember.

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Couldn’t remember well what happened. Redid CERG proposal for next year’s application. Almost got the funding this year but was taken down in the last stage. With more enrichments this time, hope it will work. It is good experience working on such proposals, because at least I see how the ideas are progressing every year.

Mon. More on SUMO. Good exercises on logic and programming.

Tues. and Thurs. Seminars for CBS303 started – exhausting.

Thurs. DALS 6050: talked about contextualism and minimalism, and how mountains could be made out of mole hills, and why the real martial art gangs now cluster in universities as academic schools. getting burnt out. Research students will take over next week.

Fri. CBS 500. discussed first-order logic. Will try to simplify next week. Now I think the best way of doing semantics is for the class to meet every day, intensively, for 3 hours at least. Otherwise, students will get distracted to so many other things before the next meeting.

Looking for good math textbooks at ishare.iask.sina.com.cn

FOUND a good table-tennis coach (not our student).

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