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Looking for a publisher.


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《形式语义学中级教程》(Formal Semantics: an Intermediate Coursebook) (in progress, 50000 characters completed, targeted length: 300,000 characters), [Looking for a publisher].


Aiming to be newer, containing more topics, with more philosophical discussions, more references, building on the previous book 《形式语义学引论》(1998/2005) in the sense that some technical demonstrations are cross-referred to there, but still the new book will try to be self-contained. Aiming at being more advanced, what is talked at length in the former book is summarized here and what is not mentioned is given detailed treatments here.

I wish the book will absorb the merits of all the textbooks and handbooks available, and I have been reading them one after the other.


What is still missing in Kearns’ textbook, for example: plurals, questions, adverbs of quantification, model theory, pronouns, groups, algebraic semantics: lattices, formal treatments of context, and indexicals.


What is worth incorporating are discussions on Semantic minimalism, indexicals,


Exercises and answers


If a publisher wishes to charge for getting the book published, then please do not contact me. The society’s division of labour should be that you do the publishing while I do the writing.


Now have fun!


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(2009-10-06 10:14)

终于写完了Ronnie Cann的Formal Semantics的导读。世界图书出版公司说会尽快出原作。到时候应该买来换掉我的复印本了。没想到我还能被邀请写名著的导读,以前看过那么多别人写的。写完后觉得自己是受益最大的读者之一了,如果不算唯一,因为又弄懂了许多内容,特别是最后三章。以后还应该重读几遍。这导读原来约稿是两年前了,后来忙着翻译《关联》,就没有在第一时间写,然后写了一部分,又在换电脑时丢了。集中时间写,也花了一个半月。一是因为我是天生手慢,二是因为家事之累,三是因为工作拖累。总之就是太忙太累了。一闲下来,就想好好睡睡,可许多活又不由自主地去应承下来。一边觉得开卷确实有益,另一边又忙得没空看书。“忙不忙”?其实这话应该问成“想不想忙”,要是想的话,总可以为自己找很多事儿来干的。


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