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You are welcome to write to me with the questions. I will answer some of them here in this blog. That might be a good solution. During lectures, we need to move on with the schedule. There is no time to linger on some extended topics or even on some rather basic ones. During the breaks, I really need to catch some breaths. Now I also realize that I can never answer everyone’s questions adequately during the breaks. And that always affects the ensuing lectures.


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Couldn’t remember well what happened. Redid CERG proposal for next year’s application. Almost got the funding this year but was taken down in the last stage. With more enrichments this time, hope it will work. It is good experience working on such proposals, because at least I see how the ideas are progressing every year.

Mon. More on SUMO. Good exercises on logic and programming.

Tues. and Thurs. Seminars for CBS303 started – exhausting.

Thurs. DALS 6050: talked about contextualism and minimalism, and how mountains could be made out of mole hills, and why the real martial art gangs now cluster in universities as academic schools. getting burnt out. Research students will take over next week.

Fri. CBS 500. discussed first-order logic. Will try to simplify next week. Now I think the best way of doing semantics is for the class to meet every day, intensively, for 3 hours at least. Otherwise, students will get distracted to so many other things before the next meeting.

Looking for good math textbooks at ishare.iask.sina.com.cn

FOUND a good table-tennis coach (not our student).

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Week 3 Summary

Almost half a week off but even busier.

‘Academic’-wise, spent more time on reading SUMO ontology. Hope to relate it to the study of rhetoric. That will enrich my project.
Thursday even., talked on relevance theory at DALS lectures. Didn’t seem to persuade any.
Fri. afternoon, seeing people before the lectures. Started to talk about logic and language. Nice lecture theatre !


Week <wbr>3 <wbr>Summary

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Busy December and Busy 2010

It all started with unusual events, 12 months ago, with loved ones passing away, and the surviving ones lost forever in past memories. But life had to go on, and duties awaited. Would have preferred a better choice, but had to face more: work is endless, disappointments are frequent, so many surprising news that make nothing special. Works are bearing fruits, fortunately, but that will never offset other pains. To be ignored and left alone, that is always the best way out.

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