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I talked through relevance theory II. Some enjoyable discussions. I thought of moving on to Grice, but did not have time. Dr. Cheung will contribute 2-3 sessions on Formal Syntax, in October. So I will shorten my portion.

Talked through many topics and books. Interested people can take their picks from the following link, which I set up in Beijing this summer: an archive of pragmatics.

Next time I will first talk about Grice. This will be followed by a 3-hour crash course on formal semantics, delivered in two weeks

a. Two types of semantics: Compositional semantics and Decompositional semantics

b. Minimal semantic systems: Propositional calculus and Predicate calculus

c. Model interpretation

d. Type theory

e. λ-calculus

f. Generalized quantifier theory


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FH 6050 Week 1

Lecture note 1: FH6050 lecture notes Week 1 Sep 2014

Note 2: Relevance theory: Lecture notes Relevance theory 2014 lecture 1


I mentioned: [Geoffrey_Sampson]_Schools_of_linguistics_Competi(BookZZ.org)

Relevance_ Communication and Cognition

The above is the book I mentioned in class. Schools of linguistics by Geoffrey Sampson. I never see a better book on the topic.

In the class, we agreed to take turns in giving presentations. I will do the first few:

Sep. 3, 10, 17, 24; Oct. 8, 15, 22

Registered students will take over to do the other five weeks: 2 people for each week.

In Week 1, I started talking about relevance theory, finishing half of it.

Week 2 will be devoted to more about relevance theory, then Paul Grice, then explicature theory

Week 3: First-order logic, model theory, quantification, type theory,

Week 4: Montague semantics, generalized quantifier theory, DRT

Week 5: The Wonderful Story of a Chinese adverb …

Week 6: List gem

Week 7: counterfactuals


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