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cbs 5131 test questions for reviewing

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Date: Week 8, October, 23rd, 11:30-1:30

Format: Answer three compulsory questions.

Lecturer will provide 6 questions for students to review and study. Students need to study the relevant sections in the lecture notes and refer to some additional readings.

During the test, students need to answer the questions in their own sentences and with their own examples. Substantial similarity in answers among students will not be tolerated and could lead to point reduction or grade demotion.

Students are welcome to consult the lecturer for explanations/clarifications, but they should refrain themselves from asking the lecturer to mark or comment on their written answers.

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Chinese Linguistics pragmatics Jiang Yan submitted shortened

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Yan Jiang formalizing Explicature

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Formal Pragmatic and Explicature Theory: click this link: Jiangyanpaperrevisedandupdated5

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