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1. Talk about propositional logic as a minimal system of semantics.

2. What meaning can be captured by propositional logic? What cannot?

3. Do the same for predicate logic on 1 and 2.

4. Talk about semantic interpretation for predicate logic by (a) constructing a model with some individuals and some defined predicates in sets (b) construct some sentences that can be interpreted in the miniature model you have constructed (c) represent the sentences in first-order predicate logic and interpret their meaning.


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15 Nov at 3:30pm – 4:30pm.

Venue: GH615

All MACL students are welcome.


Class reps must attend

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Week 6 Summary

Monday: Dashed back from Guangzhou and attended SUMO class without doing the exercises, vowed to catch up. Started talking about logic and lg. at CBS 303. Read the textbook first. Did not like the 4th chapter of Lobner. Must change the textbook again next year.

Tues: Holiday again.Trying to recover from the Guangzhou hectics.

Wed.: Stayed in

Thur.: DALS presentation by student on Grice. Had an enjoyable even.

Fri.: talked about lambda-calculus.

All the week thinking about the presupposition paper and did corpus searches. Saved about 700 pages of data.

Sat.: Off to Shanghai and arrived at noon. What a busy city!

Sun: To Edu Expo. Not too busy, suited me better. Looked around the Huating Hotel. Lots of changes since my high school years there. Evening was spent in the airport hotel in order to catch the morning plane.

Mon: arrived in HK to catch the afternoon classes. Haven’t done SUMO exercises yet.

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Can be bought from me. You must come to PolyU in person to pick it up.

Time: this Thursday at 4pm-4:30pm.
HKD 30 each
Pls. send me an email a day earlier to place the order.
We will use 1/4 of the content for CBS 500 [semantics and pragmatics] and more for CBS 513 [topics in studies of Chinese grammar].

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Jack’s cold tea was warmer than Harry’s warm beer.

(Hint: Use a predicate POSS to represent possession.)

(Keys: Tea x = x is tea; POSS (x, y) = x possesses y; Tem x = x is a temperature value; Beer x = x is beer; x > y = x is larger in value than y)

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Another hectic week.

Good seminars for CBS303, when I started on requirements for the first essay. Friday evening was on type theory. Thought it was tense but important. Weekends were spent in Guangzhou promoting for our MA programmes. It was tough-going talking to a lot of eager parents, who never cared to browse the web and wanted to ask about everything. Guangzhou was so different, from Hong Kong, and from Shanghai and Beijing. That was always my impression each time I went there. Details can’t be related here.
Spared intervals were spent on reading about Chinese presuppositions. The existing literature really needs some good trimming. What else? Can’t remember.

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You are welcome to write to me with the questions. I will answer some of them here in this blog. That might be a good solution. During lectures, we need to move on with the schedule. There is no time to linger on some extended topics or even on some rather basic ones. During the breaks, I really need to catch some breaths. Now I also realize that I can never answer everyone’s questions adequately during the breaks. And that always affects the ensuing lectures.

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