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Coming across former  BA students in language and communication. That was on a Saturday afternoon, after I finished teaching Literary Discourse Analysis. They took my pragmatics class.


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Dissertations: not one but four to deal with, one external and three internal, and may be more. Well, glad to see them coming out well. That means what? By the year end, all will have submitted. by the end of next March or April, all will have passed their vivas. I will be left to work on my own broodings.

Summer subject: another fight. It started with  ambitions, but is very likely to end up flat. Well, reading Culler gave me a lot of inspirations. Too good to believe, in fact. Now I know what to talk about in the conference at 2013.

Others, still fighting to finish. May still be able to catch up. Grammar and projects. Must say no next time.

What else? More on conditionals.

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